Aluminium Fabrication

Our capacity to generate and to meet the special fabrication requirement specified by our customers is one of the most important aspects of Kamco Aluminium's full service capabilities.

Our fabrication department comprised of over 200 pieces of precision equipments, i.e. :

  1. Miter
  2. Cut-off
  3. Chop
  4. Precision saws (Capable of cutting up to 24 inches across and down to ½ inches long)
  5. Pine benders
  6. Multi-head spindle drills
  7. Vertical CNC machining centers (Equipped with pallet changers for running small parts and larger tables with extended travel for large parts)

In addition, we have a complete welding shop fitted with the latest equipment for tig and mig welding of extrusions into customs-assembled parts, and customs-automated work cells built specifically for proprietary custom products.

Our well-equipped fabrication department enables us to respond quickly our to customers' requests to produce superior finished products efficiently without compromising the quality. Our full-service capability combines with precision.

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